Sam, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Strategist & Online Business Consultant

Basically I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and Online Business Consultant who loves to work with WordPress, Growth Marketing, Online Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing and Online Startups. Anything related to Online Business, Marketing and Online Advertising, here I am to help you.


My full name is Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem. Here I am known as Sam. I was born and raised in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I have graduated with International Diploma in Computer Studies from NCC education UK, Manchester, United Kingdom in 2002. It is almost 6 years now I am working with this Digital Marketing industry. Unofficially I have started my career with Email Marketing in 2005. And officially I have stated my own career for Digital Marketing in 2008. I was a regular individual contractor on which is formerly Since 2014, I am living in the United States of America.

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